Episode 6: Thor: Ragnarok



One of the strongest entries in the Marvel Universe, Thor: Ragnarok is all about getting your mojo back. After having his beloved hammer destroyed by his seriously disturbed older sister, Thor finds himself in a bit of a slump. Stranded, imprisoned and enslaved on a junk world ran by none other than Jeff Goldblum (at his Golblumiest), Thor has to fight his way out so he can return to Asgard and defend his home from his super powerful, crazy sister Hela. Armed with a retro aesthetic, a dam good Zeppelin track and some seriously good comedy, Director Taika Waititi delivers arguably the best of the Marvel onslaught. It’s tight, it’s hilarious and it’s all over the place in the best way. If you have not seen this movie, go watch it now. Seriously. Right now. It’s unbelievably hilarious.

Episode 6: Thor: Ragnarok


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