Episode 19: Solo: A Star Wars Story


After being plagued with a rough a production including a change in directors and a ton of re shoots, we finally got to see the Han Solo origin story. Here we have an action packed noir tinged Star Wars Anthology film with a healthy dose of style and humor. Better than Rogue One? Better than Empire? Probably not, but it is pretty dam good. Join us while we fly madly off the rails while we attempt a discussion of another Star Wars movie!

Episode 19: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Episode 18: Infinity War Part I

Episode 18 – Infinity War Part I

It is finally upon us, the first installment of the long awaited infinity war! Watch as your favourite heroes get the crap beat out of them while they struggle with sappy contrived plot devices, somehow making them  unable to beat Thanos in just one  movie!  Watch The Vision become a human pin cushion! Watch the Hulk totally puss out! and Peter Quill 100% needs to die in the next movie! that’s pretty much it, Spider-man was worth the price of admission though.

Episode 17: A Quiet Place


Episode 17 – A Quiet Place

Jim says shush! Join us while we discuss the latest episode of  The Offi- sorry, the new thriller “A Quiet Place”. In a world overrun by terrible creatures with super hero levels of sound detection that will hunt and kill anything that makes noise, everyone needs to live as silently as possible. A true paradise for those pesky librarians, but if you are pregnant or deaf you are not having a good time.