Episode 3: It (2017)



Do small towns suck? Kinda. Does Stephen King have issues? Probably. Are clowns distressing? Most definitely! Join us as we venture into the dark depths of dysfunction and bigotry that haunts the town of Derry, Main while an ancient evil in the shape of Pennywise the clown terrorizes pretty much everyone including the missing children that he feeds on – fun times!

Episode 3: It (2017)



Welcome! Rotten Commentatoes is a podcast where we talk about movies. Half serious, half something else, we give our honest opinions on the films that we watch. Lets be real, not all movies are created equal, and we hold no punches here! Just make sure to watch the movies first because there will be some serious spoilers! Also, we are bad people so… viewer discretion is advised 🙂

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